How French Drink Their Coffee

24 Jan

Coffee is one of the greatest creations God has ever made.
From a plant, it can turn into a drink that everybody loves. Brazil, Vietnam,
Colombia, Indonesia, you name it. Those are the top coffee producers that you’ll find if you search the internet. You can also taste great coffee like a nova coffee for example.

However, despite its popularity as one of the most consumed beverages in the world, coffee has grown more like a culture. If you travel around the world, you may find that the way people drink their coffee is different, even though it’s still coffee and how French drink their coffee is something that you should consider.

The coffee

A cup of coffee in France is different than in other countries. Most of them like to drink espresso, un café. It’s the basic. Usually, you’ll be served with two blocks of sugar. If you expect to get a creamy coffee, it’s more likely that you’ll be disappointed. They don’t really do thick, milk coffee to be served in a café. That kind of milky brew can only be found in their kitchen, served in a bowl. In France, it’s known as café au lait.

There are some variants of coffee that you may have not heard before, such as a nossiete. It’s a cup of espresso with dash milk, which is what we normally know as hazelnut coffee, but different. It’s not a cup of coffee with the taste of hazelnut. It’s called hazelnut because the color of the espresso after milk is added turns like a hazelnut.

The size is also smaller than a normal coffee cup in America. Petit café, that’s what they call it. And if you want a larger serving, like a cappuccino, you’ll get no more than eight ounces a cup.

Relax, don’t rush

If you look at Americans, you’ll notice that they drink their coffee in a rush. They order a café late to be taken away to their office as a boost to finish the day. Well, that’s not what you’ll find if you’re in France. Coffee is more than a drink for French. They take it more seriously than most of us do.

French enjoy their coffee in a more relaxing environment. They usually take a moment from their busy days just to enjoy a sip of coffee and mostly, it’s spent outside their homes. Imagine a street in France in the morning. You’re walking and on your left is a café where people are sitting, talking, reading newspapers, and smoking cigarettes with a small cup of espresso. There you go, that’s the French way of enjoying coffee. It’s peaceful and comforting.

Another thing that French enjoys when drinking their coffee is a companion. Not just a human companion, but also food companion. It’s common for them to have a croissant or baguette to eat along with a nice, thick espresso. Moreover, they also like their café to be served after the main course, or even dessert.

Enjoy it anytime you want

There’s no time limit if you want to drink coffee as French people do. Morning, evening, or afternoon, they drink any time of the day. Also, don’t expect to have only one cup if you’re invited to drink coffee by French. They do drink multiple times.

Drink it the French way

As coffee lovers, you must have your own way enjoying the beverage. Like in Indonesia, for example, coffee is enjoyed socially. It’s a drink to accompany you when you hang out with friends in a café at night. Indonesians also like a cup of brewed coffee in the morning. However, drinking coffee like French is another thing. Its drinking culture is worldwide and it’s something that you have to try. Although the coffee can taste weak, bitter, and burnt, the culture offers a more exciting experience. You can do it at home or you can go to France, experiencing a cup of coffee the French way.

Things to Prepare When Travelling to France

01 Apr

If you have never had the opportunity to visit France and you suddenly decided to tour the wonderful country, then chances are that you are filled with so much excitement right now Planning the first trip to France can be somewhat overwhelming, especially if you don’t know what to expect, but there are some important items you can pack in preparation for the trip as part of your preparation.

1. A valid passport
For a successful entry into France, you will need to carry your passport with you at all times. If you plan to stay for more than 90 days, then you need to obtain a work visa or student visa. Citizens from the European Union nations can travel using their national IDs.

2. Copies of Vital Information
Bring along copies of your itinerary, credit card numbers, and passport information and have them stored in the hotel safe. Should anything happen during your travels, you will save yourself many headaches.

3. Pack the right outfits that suit different Seasons
The weather conditions in France can be a little tricky because one moment it can be wonderfully sunny and the next it’ll be raining hard. Consequently, you need to study the weather before you travel. An umbrella will certainly be useful. Always anticipate the ever-changing weather and consider packing the right outfits that will suit the specific season when you intend to travel.

4. Stylish and Comfy Footwear
It is worth noting that you will do a lot of heavy-duty walking while touring France. Therefore, you need to pack some comfy shoes. However, having comfy shoes does not mean that you shouldn’t stroll in style. Pick a good-looking pair that still keeps your feet comfortable during your tours.
Brogues, stylish boots, and loafers are superb and suit all seasons. Women, on the other hand, will look stylish in wedge sandals. Before you pack any footwear for the trip, test your shoes just to make sure they don’t turn into torture devises for your feet.

5. Must-bring bags
Depending on what you prefer, you can either bring a suitcase or a backpack. Bear in mind that each has its own pros and cons.

6. Essential Tech Gears
Besides the typical tech gadgets everyone lugs around such as tablets, music players, and smartphones, remember to pack a good camera and memory cards. Every corner you visit in the beautiful country will be photography-worthy. Do not forget to bring along a converter and adaptor. These latter components really helped during my last visit, and they could mean the difference between getting your devices fried or voltage safe and usable.

Planning to travel to France, whether going alone, as a couple, or group can be a fun experience. When you do sufficient preparation beforehand, then you can be sure that you will enjoy every day and every moment regardless of where you shall be staying, weather conditions notwithstanding. Most of the places are within walking distance and are near each other, which means you can simply walk the sidewalks of the amazing Paris. You won’t fail to notice people pausing to photograph the breathtaking scenery. It is truly magical.

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06 Apr

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