Low Key Places to Visit in France

03 Apr

The tourists who visit France are mostly drawn to star attractions such as Avignon’s Palais des Papas and Normandy’s Mont St-Michel, including numerous other must-see attractions in Paris. However, many low key, hidden attractions will certainly excite you A good number of the top secret attractions and sites in France are less known, which means they pull in smaller crowds, but this does not mean these locations are not worth visiting. This company will let you know about some of the low key places in France and beautiful buildings that are certainly worth a visit.

Lyon is the third largest city in France in terms of population and a World Heritage Site is the heart of gastronomic Franc. Even without necessarily splurging on the tasty menus, tourists can discover what makes the dining culture unique. You can sample the offerings from L’epicerie Bistrot a Tartines, Daniel at Denise and numerous other restaurants.

Tour Les Halles de Lyon Paul Bocuse, the famous food market has fifty vendors selling everything from meat, fish, chocolates to cheese and the painstakingly decorated mignardises and mussels smothered in lots of chives and ice-cold cream.

Figeac, Languedoc
Figeac, Languedoc is without a doubt the best small town in Franc. The town is brilliantly preserved, lively and boasts of a rich history. You may make it your base if you wish to explore the Pech Merle cave paintings, Saint-Cirq-Lapopie, and Lot and 0616 valleys,

Alesia MuseoParc, Alise-Sainte-Reine
Alesia MuseoParc, Alise-Sainte-Reine is a remarkable situated in Burgundy, which was only opened to the public recently and remains a secret, undiscovered site by the foreign tourists. Walking around the fortifications of the reconstructed Alesian Roman camp, you will be amazed to discover that this was the same location where Julius Caesar defeated Vercingetorix, chief of Gauls in 52 BC. Enjoy the show as the actors dress up as legions of Rome and perform mock battle demonstrations, which are rather entertaining.

Abbey. de Valmagne, Languedoc
An awe-inspiring abbey located in Southern France that fuels French passions including architecture and win. Built around the 12th century, the abbey was first inhabited by the Benedictine monks who engaged in the cultivation of vines. The abbey was deconsecrated, then sold to Granier-Joyeuse, a famous winegrower. He transformed the Gothic stone abbey church into an outstanding wine cellar. While touring Abbaye de Valmagne, Languedoc, you get to enjoy the most amazing wine tasting experience.

Biarritz is a French Basque Country that presents you with a wonderful chance to enjoy summer like a typical European. Due to the pleasant weather of the region, Biarritz is normally packed in August and hordes of vacationers of French origin descend on its glistening beaches, terrific restaurants, and cute surf shops. However, the crowds should not be a deterrent for you to have a good time You can find some bare sand strip, drop your belongings, and enjoy a good swim in the lukewarm Eastern Atlantic waters.

Trampoline Park in Toulouse
If you fancy trampoline parks, then you might want to consider visiting a trampoline park while touring Toulouse, Franc. The trampoline parks present you with a fantastic opportunity to enjoy jumps and practice new tricks.