French Desserts That Are Perfect For Coffee

12 Sep

French desserts are an amazing treat. They get even better when combined with a cup of your favorite coffee drink.

Wondering what type of dessert to add to your daily dose of coffee? Well, you are in luck. We have compiled a list of the best French desserts that make coffee taste even more thrilling and these are based on the honest opinions of most French.

1. French Clafoutis

This moist and light fruit cake made with fresh fruits and yogurt is an absolute delight when paired with the right type of coffee. If you do not have a preference, French Clafoutis tastes especially
wonderful when paired with Kenyan AA light roast.





2. Macarons

These are delicious light cookies made with almond meal mixed with chocolate ganache or mocha Kahlua. While you can enjoy this amazing dessert with different types of coffee, the Columbian coffee creates a taste that wipes the tongue clean.




3. Napoleon Mille-feuille

It is a spectacular three layer French puff pastry The top layer is completely covered with powdered sugar or sometimes glazed with alternating white and brown stripes of icing sugar. Try pairing the mille-feuille with a cup of light French espresso.




4. Tarte Tatin

The Tarte Tatin is an upside down pastry filled with lots of fruit, caramelized with sugar and rich butter, and baked to the highest quality. It is mostly turned upside down when served. Tarte Tatin goes well with Ethiopian coffee.






5. Lemon Custard Tart and Saison

The tart is bustling with sugary marshmallow and bright lemon fillings which combines perfectly with the Saison’s sweet malt and lemony snap to create a unique flavor The rustic accents of black coffee make the flavor even more elegant.




6. Chocolate-Prune Tea Cakes

The combination of prune and chocolate always triggers a unique taste and flavor that suggests a rare sense of complexity and depth. Adding coffee to this set up only makes things a lot more interesting. It doesn’t matter whether its breakfast or dessert, this amazing combination gives creates a delightsome feeling which leaves you craving for more.


7. Chocolate Eclair

This French pastry filled with chocolate custard and topped with chocolate icing deserves a rich black coffee that complements all of its chocolate flavors. A coffee porter will do wonders if you prefer; bold espresso blends with the chocolate to deliver a thrilling mocha taste.




8. Croissant & Strong Bitter

Croissant’s buttery taste and doughy goodness mixed perfectly with strong bitters toasted bread. The nutty tones bring about a unique complexity which sweeps the tongue clean when taken alongside the slightly bitter taste of black coffee.





9. Lavender-Violet Sables

This amazing French cookie is made from a rich blend of the highest quality butter A rare mixture that retains a delicate crumbly texture can only be made better by the smooth nature of a rich coffee drink.





10. Creme Brulee and Oatmeal

Caramelized sugar and custard tastes great when topped with berries and mixed with a rich black cup of coffee. The taste of black coffee mixed with chocolate adds the much-needed layers of richness to all of the sugar. While the burnt nature of the bite’s marshmallow tones and the coffee make up a perfect finish.